Why women matter…


If you were under a rock yesterday you may have missed Steve Job’s big ta da unveiling of the Apple iPad. A tablet gizmo that does a lot of stuff and is getting a lot of mixed press.

I haven’t looked into it, so am not going to opinionate on the merits of the technology. But I will say this. Women buy a lot of stuff. We are the other 50% of the population and drive the majority of consumption decisions within the household. And I can almost guarantee that there was not a woman on the team that put together the iPad. The reason? No woman on earth would name a mass consumer gadget an iPad. And ladies you all know why.

Come on Steve – you’re the CEO of the decade… wake up!


One response to “Why women matter…

  1. Here I just dismissed it as being lazy and veering on smug – change one letter, that’s it?

    But, you gotta point there!

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