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a 2 degree town…

Vancouver at times is frightening. There is no anonymity – I have joked with folks and not really joked that Vancouver is a 2 degree town; meaning  you will have someone in common with anyone you meet for the first time. And if you haven’t seen someone for a while, chances are high that you will run into them. Here are a few examples from last week:

  • During my regular Tim Hortons morning walk I ran into a former VP  that I used to work with. We have since booked a coffee date.
  • Meeting with a new potential collaborator… Here is the conversation: “you look so familiar….” “you do too….” “hmmmmm” “where do you live” “Downtown” “Me too” “I am in the XXXX building” “OMG we are right across the street!!” Then the moment of pride as you instantly feel bonded and a bit smug because you are soooo connected.
  • Over drinks with friends on Saturday night – dear friend says: “one of Paul’s cousins is marrying a gal that you went to school with”. At which point I say “Alana H?” We then proceeded to have an OMG moment.
  • Over dinner with a a client who recently moved to Vancouver from New Zealand. Here is the conversation: Client: “we lived in New Zealand and now live in XXXX neighborhood” Suzanne:  “do you know XXXX”  Client: “I do, she lives around the corner and our kids are friends”. But of course.
  • Getting out of a cab late Saturday night. Random voice in the night:  “Suzanne?” Yes that is me. Hi how are you – let’s go and have a glass of champagne…

It goes on and on.

  • Lesson: last week I espoused on the dangers of facebook. Well – there is also danger in 2 degree Vancouver. Everyone knows everyone else. Do good work! Keep your noise clean and don’t ever burn bridges or do anything psycho. We will all know about it sooner or later.