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What not to say to a pregnant woman


I just have to share this. A very good friend of mine recently announced her pregnancy. Very exciting. What is fascinating are the comments she has received from women in the workplace since her announcement.

Here are a few:

  • Have you been trying long?  (Would you ever ever ever ask someone at work how frequently they are having sex? Now is not the time to start!)
  • I was wondering why your boobs were looking so big… (This would constitute harassment in any other situation)
  • Are you going to take drugs, breastfeed… (OK now you are just being judgy)
  • Are you going to come back to work? (Translation: I want your job/desk/office)

Ladies – it is time to take a page out of the men’s playbook. Simply say congratulations. If you insist; gush a little, write a card, order some flowers and move on.