Inspired by the biggest loser, until I saw the ads and the sponsor…


Upon some prodding by a girlfriend who is just “so inspired by the biggest loser – I mean, Suz, these people are completely transforming their lives!…” I tuned in on the weekend to watch the grande finale. And yes, wow – even my couch sitting partner said “this is incredible”. The winner lost an insane amount of weight, over 45% of his body weight. All through diet and exercise. Compelling stuff. Until I started to count the number of processed food advertisements I had to sit through in between segments (yes I know, the pvr is a to do item)… Kraft Dinner, Vitamin Water (@#%!@^%#), Stouffers, and the ultimate, wait for it…Hamburger Helper! And then, as I continued to vent my frustration to my poor couch sitting partner, Alison Sweeney (the host) announced the Biggest Loser’s premier sponsor – Nestle 100 calorie snacks. %@&@^!@^#. Here’s why – if you want a 100 calorie snack, have an apple. Or some carrots. Something, anything, that does not come in a box with a wrapper.

Health and wellness are a big deal. Weight issues are significantly on the rise in North America – apparently if you were born in the year 2000, you have a 1:3 chance of developing Type 2 diabetes in your lifetime. You get Type 2 diabetes by eating too much. What does this mean for employers and business? Increased benefit costs, absenteeism, depression to name a few. So yes, I am inspired that the biggest losers lost so much weight, but depressed at the big business of processed food. Next time you hear wrapping in the cubicle next door, offer up an apple.


One response to “Inspired by the biggest loser, until I saw the ads and the sponsor…

  1. Wow! I too have watched the Biggest Loser and been amazed at the amount of weight lost by the contestants. I had no idea all the junk food ads were in between as I usually leave the room when commercials come on. That’s really very sad, eh? I agree with you in that we need to really be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies and what the long term effects of such poor diets will ultimately bring about. I’m sure that Type 2 diabetes is just the tipe of the iceberg in terms of the taxing medical problems we will face in the future if people don’t change their eating habits. Excellent article!

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