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Diana Krall – knows how to make you love her…

diana krallI was lucky enough to be at the Diana Krall concert last night at the Orpheum. My mother is a massive fan and organized our Diana evening months ago. So lots of fun for all of us. But this woman (Diana) is so smart. A couple of quick lessons learned from Diana – or “best practices gained” as one of my colleagues likes to say…

  • Charm your audience. She opened with a song called “love being home” and sung about Vancouver and then said she loved the rain. This made us all feel quite loved and smug about the fact that Vancouver is our home too
  • Be authentic. She spoke about her mom, dad and her “aunties” in the audience. She talked about her shoes. Her two year old sons jumping off the furniture
  • She is not an island.  The beauty of jazz music is that each member has a moment to shine. She introduced each member of her band more than once and gave them lots of time for solos.
  • Take your work seriously, but not yourself. She told a story about meeting President Obama who proceeded to  ask her “so you’re married to Elvis Costello?” She also referred to herself as the band camp geek who got the rock star
  • Work hard. There is no doubt this gal is talented, but judging from her toned arms she clearly plays the piano (read: practices and performs) a lot