Dining with people


Campagnolo was opened by the team that launched Fuel in Kitsilano. Housed in the old Adega restaurant on Main street (in the skuzzy section down by Terminal Ave and the bus station), Campagnolo does lovely food for reasonable prices. A girlfriend and I walked from Yaletown along the seawall to the restaurant and tucked into crispy chickpeas and a garden salad. I then had pork from the Fraser Valley while she tucked into a pasta with braised beef. Yum. We shared a pannecotta to complete the meal. Prices for mains are under $20 which is lovely considering a main at Cactus Club will run you over $20 these days. Wine list is heavy on Italian wine, I had a lovely sauvignon blanc by the glass. Total came to under $100 with tax and tip and it made for a fun evening. Service was also very good – our gal knew the menu inside out and backwards.

Mosaic at the Hyatt

I met a dear friend of mine at the Burrard Skytrain station with the plan of heading to the Cactus Club on Burrard for lunch. A twenty minute wait was not going to work so we crossed the street and I said “shall we try the Hyatt?”. It was a pleasure. Air conditioned beautifully, which on this particular day was of incredible importance, we chose a seat in the lounge area next to the window. Debbie had the Ahi tuna salad for $14. She stated that it is in her “top five salads”. I had the shrimp and scallop salad for $15 which was not as good but the room is a great one. Service is hotel top notch. I would particularly recommend it for business lunches with women. Nice and comfortable. You could sit in the lounge after your lunch and work up until your next client meeting.

L’altro Buca

Is good – we were there last Friday night. Beautiful setting in the West End in a residential building, beautiful patio although we couldn’t get a table on it. Food is italian and quite delicious. Price wise not inexpensive but the food was very tasty.

Loving La brasserie

I am loving La Brasserie – I was there a few weeks ago the night prior to heading out of town. LOVED it. No reservations so go mid week or early or late. Finally a decent restaurant on Davie – it is located just East of Thurlow on the North side of the street. So good – food is good, wine is good and the prices are utterly reasonable. Service is also with a smile. A nice alternative to Yaletown which is becoming a tad big box…with a smattering of expensive. The soon to be Keg at Nelson and Mainland has a “we’re hiring” sign on it so they are getting close. And the Yaletown Brew Pub just unveiled a reno to reveal, well the Yaletown brew pub with new banquettes. They are going to die fairly soon. Earls right across the street- Cactus down the street and the Keg along the street… It is only a matter of time unless they realize that the menu from 1994 is no longer bringing us in.

Winebar fun

So hitting a winebar for a post workday drink or a workday drink is becoming a lot of fun these days. Two spots that I have been frequenting of late are The Refinery located on Granville street between Helmcken and Davie and Uva Wine bar in the Moda Hotel at Smithe and Seymour. Both do wine and nibbles if you get hungry – cheeseplates go for about 18$ and you can plates of charcuterie as well. Yum. Also – the Pinot Nero at Uva is delish on a cool night.

Chambar…not a huge fan

So last night I was so privileged to go and Diana Krall live at the Orpheum with my Mom and her partner. Amazing concert. They really wanted to go to Chambar as they saw it on an “opening soon” episode several years ago and have never managed to get there. So we went. I was able to get a reservation through opentable and we were seated in the back room which is very nice. The thing is the tables are tiny… meaning one of us chose not to get mussels because they didn’t know where the bowls would go. The food was good but not jaw droppingly good, the service good but then it got busy and all of a sudden there were large gaps between courses and it became difficult to get much attention.  So, I give it about a 6 out of 10. My fave place at the moment is the Twisted Fork on Granville Street – fantastic and inexpensive.

Ahhh Glowbal

One of my partners came in from Toronto yesterday at noon and we decided to walk into Yaletown for lunch. It was a beautiful day so we ended up on the patio at Glowbal. Glowbal is the type of place that makes one think that no one in Vancouver actually works for a living. The place was full of people in street clothing drinking wine… we looked awfully corporate. To the food – I had the sablefish salad. It was lovely. Nice piece of fish and a salad of arugula, feta, couscous and olives. Steve had the halibut sandwich – wowser. Big burger, fries and soup. He looked pretty happy. A bit pricey 38$ for lunch with no wine but the patio is lovely and you feel amongst the leisure class 🙂

The elephant and castle

So I have joined some of my MBA classmates in an investment club… sounds a tiny bit dorky I know but it is a fantastic way to keep in touch and drill all that finance training into my small brain. So we met last night at the Elephant and Castle down on Burrard and Hastings. Fantastic beer list. Everything else is somewhat lacking. The food is inexpensive which I guess is a positive. I had a “mahi sandwich” which sounded quite delicious but was a tiny piece of fish on a white burger bun with some wilted coleslaw. Go for a beer and then head across the street to Cactus for dinner.

A quick lunch at Steamworks

So I am not really a fan of steamworks… cars always seem to get towed or ticketed in the lot next door as the Impark head office is right next door. I find the downstairs to smell like hops and be stuffy. Today we were upstairs where yes, the view is lovely and it does feel like a proper pub. But, the banquette against the window is so high that my dining companion felt about a foot taller than me… and the food came without any cutlery so we had to flag down a waitress… Prices are reasonable, but, not loving it. It is convenient and downtown and there is lots of space… but no, not my favourite and not somewhere I would recommend.

Dining with people

Here is the thing – I have been told that I eat all my money 🙂 Meaning, that well yes, I eat out a lot… I mean A LOT. So I thought that since eating out is a big part of my life both personal and professional, that I may as well tell you about my experiences and provide a bit of info. After all – so much business in this town is done over lunch and drinks that it feels appropriate to include it here. Stay tuned – I am about to head to Steamworks for lunch!


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