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The happy olympic hangover…

So as we feel smug about hosting a phenomenal event that I clearly got caught up in (sorry readers – I was at the games!!), something hit me almost like a thunderbolt today.

As a self proclaimed news junkie, 90-95% of the news that I read is critical, negative or tragic. Over the past two weeks, whilst some Brits in the media had issues (“worst games ever!!”), once the sun started to shine, Alexandre Bilodeau won his medal, and the people of Vancouver draped themselves in Canada garb the media started to turn rosy. The storyline shifted.

From that point on, the stories I read were of hope, of perseverance (Joannie Rochette), and of achieving dreams (a tad cheesy but hey). I started to skip over the stories of tragedy, war, healthcare in the US etc… and let me tell you, it felt really good.

So now to go forward and try to hang on to this. The positivity, balanced with the need to remain critical and informed… Not sure how to do it yet, but when I figure it out I will let you know. And here is a link to Brian Williams (the other one – on NBC) blog. He writes a very lovely little thank you note to the people of Vancouver. So go on – feel smug and happy. Nice job Vancouver.