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Time to lift our eyes up?


Built to change is a great book about how to make your organization more flexible and better at changing. A key concept in the book is strategizing as opposed to strategic planning. The key difference being that strategizing is something that happens frequently, not once a year in a conference room. When strategizing, individuals gather to think about the future, play out different scenarios, and choose how to respond to those scenarios in a way that aligns with the identity of the organization. In short, strategizing adopts the philosophy that 80% of strategy is figuring out where the world is going. If you can do that, what you need to do usually becomes obvious.

So here is my challenge to you. After all this hunkering down, cost cutting and focus on efficiency (for good reason), what opportunities are out there? Are there talented people you could recruit to your business because they have been “recessioned” by their employers? Are there opportunities in your market that you can attack before your competitors? Could you pick up a piece of real estate with phenomenal lease or mortgage terms? Think about the future, play out a few scenarios, keep your CFO happy by making sure the numbers work, but start moving forward. You will find opportunities.