What’s a girl to do?

I don’t know if any of you have heard about the Vancouver Sun newspaper’s fatabase. This nifty tool enables you to look up the calories in that tasty sandwich you just had from Earls. I discovered the fatabase last week after dinner at Joeys. What follows is a shocking calorie story.

I am a gal who considers herself pretty health conscious. I work out most days, try not to eat too much meat and am generally aware and willing to make calorie trade-off’s. By calorie trade-off’s I mean I will actually consider whether a food item is worth the calories before I consume it. But alas, I fell victim the other day.

My business partner and I went to Joeys for dinner. While we happily waited for our third partner in the “wine room” which has lovely wines by the glass (Tantalus Riesling is delish), we thought let’s get something to nibble on while we wait. So we decided to order the tandoori flat bread. Flatbread, a bit of chicken, some cilantro. Sounds like a good choice right? NOT. According to the fatabase, that tandoori flatbread had 1130 calories and 1950 mg of sodium. @$%^@^$@Q^$. Yikes is right. To maintain my weight I need to consume approximately 1500 calories a day, and Health Canada recommends no more than 1500 mg of sodium a day. Sheesh – that day got blown to hell. What is a girl to do other than stairclimb her life away to recover her calorie missteps?.. 😦

My vote is to display food calorie contents on menus. Immediately. If I had known that the flatbread had 1130 calories and 1900 mg of sodium I never would have ordered it. Same goes for those yummy salads at Earls – Santa Fe Chicken Salad anyone? Yep that one has a mere 899 calories and 2133 mg of sodium. These foods irk me because we order them thinking we are making  healthy choices. We’re not. We’re getting tricked. Health and wellness are serious issues. We need to get a handle on this stuff, otherwise it is going to cost us a fortune in lost productivity and healthcare costs. Not to mention time on cardio machines!

So next time you go out to eat, take a quick look through the fatabase and plan your meal accordingly. And start voting with your mouths. No one needs to consume 1130 calories in a piece of flatbread. Get with the program Joey.


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