What we have learned from Elin (Mrs Woods) and the Tiger

So I am a bit late commenting on this… The car “accident” was in November, but alas better late than never. Three cheers for Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods, who chased a barefoot Tiger out the house (yes, he was driving barefoot-  illegal in the state of Florida) and smashed out the windows of his car. Who then went and bought herself a private island in Sweden, is rumoured to be in discussions with Puma (Nike’s archrival), and continues to look absolutely gorgeous whilst pumping gas in the midst of a worldwide public humiliation. So what does one learn from such grace under fire and such a shocking fall from grace?

  • No one, I mean no one is squeakly clean. I’m still holding out for Barack Obama, but nothing would surprise me now.  
  • When paying millions/billions to a celebrity to endorse your brand, a couple of nifty background checks are well advised. Shame on you Accenture – I mean really, “Go on, be a Tiger” and you didn’t check him out?
  • When caught with your pants down, best not to disappear/run. Face the music, pull a Letterman and get on with life.
  • Never underestimate the power of a humilated spouse/employee. Such strength.
  • Treat people with dignity and respect. If you don’t, the rest of the world won’t like you very much.

Now onwards. The beauty of this whole scenario is that we all have fantastic small talk for at least another couple of months. And GO ELIN!


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