Travelling as a gal on business…

Is always fun… or not. I have moments when I can’t quite decide if I love that I can access a gazillion movies at the touch of a button while under a duvet, or if the idea of being murdered by some creepo snake in a suit who followed me up in the elevator spoils the moment…

So after a recent trip, a couple of tips  on embracing and enjoying travelling as a gal on business:

  • If you are on a BC Ferry (cuz you ain’t getting a float plane these days) – the SeaWest Lounge is the greatest thing since they started selling smelly soaps in the gift shop. Pay your $10 dollars, grab a tea, a magazine, some cheese and crackers and enjoy your “exclusive and all-inclusive” environment. Trust me, I’ve done the math – you will drop $10 easy just buying a newspaper, tea, pack of gum and some jolly ranchers. A no brainer.
  • Stay at a hotel with a decent restaurant and enjoy it! Instead of retreating to your room at the end of the day, grab yourself a book and make your way downstairs for dinner. Most good hotels are accustomed to serving and making individual diners comfortable and most will provide a magazine.  But take your own, it creates privacy – no random dude (unless you want him to) is going to attempt to make contact. And embrace dinner – have some wine, a couple of courses… 
  • Stay at a hotel with a gym and bring your headphones. It will get you out of your room and provides some stress relief and also works off any dinner indulgence from the night before. And you may meet some fellow female business travellers…
  • Ask to be located close to the elevator. Long hallways remind me of The Shining. Perhaps just a me thing. But I always request it.
  • Get breakfast served in your room. I always do – I like having privacy in the AM and time with a newspaper. Hotels tend to only have women servers deliver room service to single women travellers, so you can open the door in a robe and feel a-ok.
  • And on a practical note – try to stick with one hotel brand (i.e. Delta) and register in their rewards programs ASAP. The rewards add up and you will soon receive room upgrades and other benefits.

Go forth and conquer.



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