Beyonce – a class act of leadership

If you have been living under a rock then you may not have heard about what went down at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night. In short, sweet seventeen year old Taylor Swift won for best video, started her acceptance speech and was rudely interrupted by Kanye West who grabbed the microphone out of her hand (eeek!) and said that “Beyonce’s Single Ladies is the best video of all time”. Taylor Swift didn’t finish her speech and the look on her face was enough to bring tears to the eyes of the most hardened “I hate country music” fan. Kanye was eventually booed off the stage. But redemption came.

Beyonce won an award later in the evening and after reaching the stage she said the following: “I can remember being seventeen and winning my first VMA with Destiny’s Child, and I remember how nervous I was. I would like to invite Taylor back on stage to have her moment”. Taylor Swift then made her way back on the stage, Beyonce handed her the microphone, gave her a hug and stood behind her. I get chills just thinking about this (good ones!). In one moment, Beyonce distanced herself completely from what Kanye did, and she had the grace and class to ensure that an emerging artist had her moment in the sun. Kanye on the other hand has been dissed by just about everyone this week and had to go on Leno(!!) to apologize. Who do you think needs a bit of coaching on self awareness and their impact on others? Hmmmm…


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