Reflections on a top performing team

The extended BBE team

The extended BBE team

Over the weekend I was so fortunate to spend Saturday with my former MBA team and their spouses. During the MBA program we consistently outperformed our colleagues on team assignments, and since the program has come to a close (hurrah!) we happily meet up and spend time together, as we did Saturday. Here are a few thoughts on what made us a top performing team…

  • We had a clear shared goal. The motivation to complete the program and have fun while doing it kept us all pulling in the same direction.
  • We took the time to get to know one another, often over a meal and a glass of wine.  It sounds trite, but I find that nothing accelerates team building like a shared meal and drink.
  • We met each others spouses. We held a dinner party with the full extended team of spouses within the first two months of forming, and continued to do so once a semester throughout the program. Meeting someone’s spouse gives you another view of who they are. It helps you to understand them better, hence building trust.
  • We used some good tools that satisfied our need to view teambuilding as something beyond fluff. Lencioni’s “Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, Buckingham’s “Now Discover Your Strengths”, and the “Forming, Storming” frameworks were put to good use and satisfied two engineers, a lawyer, a sales professional, and yours truly 🙂
  • We valued having fun together.

Thanks team! I look forward to many more fun days together.


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