My Globe & Mail is getting skinny…

It really is. I am a loyal subscriber and have been for almost ten years, but just the other day over oatmeal I turned to my husband and said “my globe and mail is getting skinnier”. He looked at me and said “well, yeah”. Like duh…

I mean clearly it is not surprising. The web is kicking print media’s butt. We all know this. Newspapers are shuttering but still, I am disappointed and I don’t think I can bring myself to cancel my subscription. Even though I am getting a lot less news for my money than I did five years ago. Duh…

What to do. Readership is up for The Economist, a mag which does not have the broadest appeal (you need at least one degree and a glass of wine to give it a go), but Vogue is releasing its thinnest September issue ever (down 30% over last year). I am confused over where to send my eyeballs…

I could commit to Googlenews… I mean they roll up all the headlines anyways and I can sit and scroll through them while drinking my tea in the morning. But yet, I like the newspaper. I like having to do the newspaper chest press flap to get the pages to flip. And my dear columnists who guide and advise me through my daily life…  A world without John Ibbitson reminding me to be smug about being Canadian because in the States they are just plain crazy, John Doyle dissing network television, Alexandra Gill dissing restaurants, and Leah MacLaren dissing, well everything, just doesn’t seem right.

But I am starting to feel like a dinosaur while the world goes “duh” around me.


One response to “My Globe & Mail is getting skinny…

  1. I find by the time the paper arrives to the door the news is stale. I heard about first on the internet or TV. Not to mention the cost for the paper for what?

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