What not to say to a pregnant woman


I just have to share this. A very good friend of mine recently announced her pregnancy. Very exciting. What is fascinating are the comments she has received from women in the workplace since her announcement.

Here are a few:

  • Have you been trying long?  (Would you ever ever ever ask someone at work how frequently they are having sex? Now is not the time to start!)
  • I was wondering why your boobs were looking so big… (This would constitute harassment in any other situation)
  • Are you going to take drugs, breastfeed… (OK now you are just being judgy)
  • Are you going to come back to work? (Translation: I want your job/desk/office)

Ladies – it is time to take a page out of the men’s playbook. Simply say congratulations. If you insist; gush a little, write a card, order some flowers and move on.


2 responses to “What not to say to a pregnant woman

  1. Are you serious? In my last place of employment we shared the details of getting knocked up happily! And proudly talked about the boobs blossoming!
    Let’s not be so uptight. Have a cocktail or two and enjoy the beauty of life!

    • I’m not saying don’t celebrate with one another – but spare the details. The reason being – it’s personal and you have no idea what the background is of the person who is now happily pregnant. But of course, if they offer them up to you first then share away!

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