Facebook blunders…

Facebook danger

Facebook danger

Today on the cover of the Globe and Mail our dear province was featured as Ray Lam, the NDP candidate for Vancouver – False Creek  resigned after some embarrassing pictures surfaced on Facebook. The pictures included Ray with his pants down showing his underwear and with a hand on a woman’s breast. Oh dear.

The dangers of Facebook… As someone who used to recruit people for a living and now advises clients on how to recruit most effectively, I know that when recruiting, googling someone and checking them out on Facebook is a “de rigueur ” part of the recruitment process. What the heck was Ray thinking? Seeking political office is asking thousands of people to select you for the important job of representing their interests within the government. It is the ultimate recruitment.

To not be “holier than though” I decided to do a quick test on myself. I do not have a Facebook page but am on Linkedin and have a corporate website. Taking a bit of a deep breath… I googled my name. What came back? Well there is a famous Suzanne Boyd – not me :). She used to be the editor of Flare magazine and there are lots of articles on her. There was my biography on the Financial Post Executive Blog (I blog for them) and on the second page of return results there was an article for which I was quoted in the Province newspaper a few months ago. No embarassing pictures…pheew. But to all of you out there that enjoy posting party pictures/naked pictures/crazy pictures on your social media sites, just know that it ain’t all that private. To those of you recruiting who are not googling and facebooking candidates – you may want to start doing it.

Poor Ray may have been a fantastic MLA… but alas, he has been taken out by Facebook.


3 responses to “Facebook blunders…

  1. Thought it was interesting that Fistful of Talent had this recent blog entry: HR People Still Feel Dirty When They Google Candidates? Wise advice – googling and facebooking your candidates has to be done. It’s the cheapest reference check you’ll ever do!


  2. Yes – I guess it can make one feel a tad “snoopy” but really important nowadays… Its funny, folks spends thousands on contracts with Backcheck but then don’t bother doing a quick search with their own computer… I don’t get it… Other thing is how common it is for folks to lie about their credentials… that one is just as easy – pick up the phone and call the university registrar. So really it should be – have backcheck run their stuff, run your google/facebook/tweet searches and pick up the phone for the registrar.

  3. Ray created a web 2.0 response to this whole thing because of all the media spin and misinformation around his resignation.

    His statement on the home page is…unbelievable tame, and he writes about the whole incident in a blog, which is actually pretty interesting.

    Give it a read: http://www.raysunderwearaffair.com.

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