The importance of recognition – Bo the Portuguese water dog


 Stop the press – major news announcement this weekend – Bo the Portuguese water dog moved into the Whitehouse! It was on CNN, Fox News and on the cover of the Globe and Mail along with   pundits chatting about the breed, how the labradoodle came up short and that there will be a surge in demand for Portuguese water dogs… Love it. And kudos to Whitehouse chief of staff Rahm Emanuel for not missing a political heartbeat by making sure that Bo came from Senator Ted Kennedy’s dog trainer in Virginia 🙂 That guy is an ANIMAL.  

So why the collective “awwwwww”? A dog was promised to Sasha and Malia (Obama daughters) by Dad during his acceptance speech on election night back in November.  It was a gift to them to thank them for their support and sacrifice during the campaign. What do us HR types call that? Recognition. What is recognition all about? Doing something that shows that you care and that you appreciate the work of others. That you understand that none of us are islands and that great things cannot be achieved alone. What does the collective fawning and positive press tell us? People like people who recognize others in meaningful ways for meaningful contributions. So go to it… you are not required to give someone a pooch, but perhaps a “thanks” or a “I appreciate you and all that you do”. We will all like you more and who know’s, you too may end up as a soundbite on CNN.


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